Union Bank Centenary Innovation Challenge
In celebration of 100 years of heritage & service, Union Bank is running a Centenary Innovation Challenge to find and support great ideas that address the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in entrepreneurial ways.

We are looking for your innovative ideas to address the biggest problems affecting how people live, work, socialise and do business in Nigeria.

In particular, we are looking for great ideas that improve financial inclusion, agriculture and education of Nigerians.
Be sure to read up about the innovation challenge at www.unionbank100.com/challenge
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1. An outline of the problem that your idea addresses; this could be an issue specific to your city or the country, or this could be a global issue. These ideas could be related but not limited to financial inclusion, agriculture and education.

2. An explanation of your idea, how it relates to Sustainable Development Goals, and how it will work; provide clear details about how your idea will help to solve the problem you’ve outlined in (1) and demonstrate how the solution provides business and social and/or environmental value.

3. An explanation of how your solution can be scaled into a successful business model
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Here is the full list of Terms and Conditions for the Union Bank Centenary Innovation Challenge
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